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The Benefits of a Virtual Business Address for Amazon Marketplace Sellers

Amazon is a giant in the e-commerce world of consumer goods; and its Marketplace service has grown to become an essential aspect of its business. Not only have consumers come to rely on the immense variety of choice made possible by third party sales, but sellers have come to rely on the marketplace as a source of secondary if not primary income.

Hence, the following recent development concerning Amazon.com seller policy will be of great interest to customers—but of great importance to sellers, whose sales may be affected as a result.

Business Name and Address on Mandatory Display

On July 8th, Amazon.com posted an "Advanced notice" that "Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020". Furthermore, the detail that "For individuals, we will display the individual name and address" completes the significance of the policy change, as many Marketplace sellers operate as individuals rather than as a registered business.

Finally, the stated reason for this change - which is unquestionably a reasonable one - is that

These features help customers learn more about the businesses of a seller and the products that they are selling. We are making this change to ensure there is a consistent baseline of seller information to help customers make informed shopping decisions.

Thus, this change is a positive one in that it should serve to boost customer confidence in the Marketplace service. At the same time, it is hoped that the policy will also weed-out the insidious influence of fraudulent sellers who exploit the otherwise honest arena of Marketplace business.


Business Image Now Becomes Crucial

However, many small but honest sellers are likely to find themselves at a competitive disadvantage due to this transparency of business, which may actually - in terms of sales - have the effect of a penalization.

The simple reason for this is the crucial factor of image, which has now effectively been magnified in Amazon.com's Marketplace: for businesses using a residential address and for individuals operating as businesses, the visibility of sellers' name and address will inevitably demote their stores as being less trustworthy than those whose profiles are essentially of a professional standing—especially since buyers will be encouraged to examine these profiles in making their purchasing decisions.

Thus, as it stands, many Amazon.com sellers can expect a decline in sales due to customers' ability to be more discerning in selecting sellers: Generally, any product can be found from another seller—and a seller with a professional business name and address can usually be found to supply it on Marketplace.

A Proactive Response: Get a Virtual Office

This situation, however, need not be a problematic one. In fact, as we shall advise here, this sound policy change can and should produce a win-win situation for buyers and sellers alike.

For Amazon sellers, the first step in a proactive direction is to consider adopting the business model of the Virtual Office, which is especially advantageous for small-scale e-commerce businesses.

Primarily, a virtual office consists of a professional business address and telephone number - with an optional live receptionist - at a very affordable cost. And furthermore, addresses in premium locations in major cities around the world are available to choose from, meaning you can select the location that most appropriately or effectively represents your particular products, service, or industry.

The Virtual Business Address: A Perfect Solution for e-Commerce Businesses

Situated in high-profile districts, businesses addresses are commercial business centres of staffed offices, which operate at full business hours by a trained administration. Once you have opened your virtual office account, a storage space will be allocated to you from which your incoming mail can either be held for collection or forwarded to any address globally. Furthermore, the frequency of your mail forwarding service can be customized to your preference - be it once a week, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. - and you can also contact the administration at any time to inquire on the arrival of mail, as well as to leave specific instructions for the processing of particular mail.

Thus within the massive and competitive e-commerce of Amazon Marketplace, the different impressions created by one seller's residential address and another's professional if not prestigious address will often prove to be the decisive factor in a customer's purchasing decision.

The Significance of Personal Privacy with Seller Transparency on Amazon

In addition to the factor of business image on sellers' sales, the factor of personal privacy - i.e. it's significance following Amazon's transparency mandate - will likely be overlooked by many Amazon sellers, perhaps with rueful consequences.

For if your business is registered at your own home, your Amazon profile page will effectively publicize your home address, as well as your personal phone number. Aside from the fact that this scenario precludes the healthy separation of your business and personal life, this information can of course also be accessed by telemarketers and malicious individuals, which can lead to a variety of hassles invading your personal life.

Hence, a virtual business address is an ideal and cost-effective means to securing both your sales levels and your personal privacy whilst continuing to be a valuable seller on Amazon.com.


How a Virtual Office can give Sellers the Edge in Business on Amazon

While a virtual business address provides the perfect solution to the immediate problem of trader image, the antecedent principle of the virtual address - the virtual office - offers a number of benefits for Amazon sellers, as it provides a tried and tested model perfectly suited for small and e-commerce businesses.

Here are three major benefits a virtual office can provide Amazon sellers:

  • A Professional Image: Not just in your professional business address and phone number, but also with a virtual receptionist who can handle all your customer calls in a professional manner.
  • Minimized Operational Costs: A virtual office allows you to establish a professional business without any of the usual expenditures involved in running a traditional office, thus leaving you free to invest your time and money into your Amazon store.
  • Business Efficiency: Through your virtual office provider, a host of business support services are available on demand, with scalable levels of features. For Amazon sellers with high rates of sales, for example, a virtual assistant can be a most valuable support service for handling customer service, thus leaving you free to run your store and process orders.

And so, for an effective response to Amazon's seller transparency mandate, Marketplace sellers should seriously consider taking their business to the next level—the virtual level.

With a professional business address displayed on your Amazon seller profile page, customers will have little reason to feel uneasy about making a purchase from your store, and indeed will almost certainly feel reassured by the sense of credibility it engenders. And at the same time, you'll ensure the integrity of your personal privacy by having only your professional business details displayed on your profile page.

But business credibility and personal privacy are only the beginning of the benefits: for sellers who are committed to their Marketplace store long-term, a virtual office is the perfect business solution for increasing success on Amazon.

Fortify your Amazon Business Now with your Ideal Virtual Address

With "Detailed Seller Information" becoming mandatory on Marketplace- not to mention the ever-increasing competitiveness irrespective of it - now really is the time for you to secure and enhance your presence on Amazon with a professional business address and phone number.

Simply explore our user-friendly search facility to find an ideal virtual office location for your business, with assistance always being available from our sales team. Once you have chosen an address, it's then just a matter of completing the straightforward sign-up procedure in order to secure your virtual office.

And once you have your new virtual office, you'll be all set to update your Amazon seller profile with your professional business address and telephone number, which will be most reassuring to your potential customers on Marketplace.

Now that's what we call a pro-update!


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